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Introduction:The National Service Scheme (NSS) was evolved and introduced by the Government of India in the year 1969. It aims at developing amongst students a sense of participation in nation building through Social Work. This deepens understanding of the social environment and enriches his/her personality through actual participation in day-to-day life of the society. This process of learning is not only a desirable supplement to the classroom education but develops in the student a sense of responsibility, tolerance and cooperation. The NSS plays a vital role in the development of the latent aspects of the student's personality.
Aim:The aim of the NSS is Education through community service.
Motto:The motto is not Me but Thou.
Overall Objectives:The overall objective is education. Service to the community is the activity through which this objective is attained.
Specific objective:
1.      To arouse social consciousness of the students by providing them opportunities to work with and among the people.
2.      To develop an awareness and knowledge of social realities to have concern for the well being of the community and engage in creative and constructive social action.
3.      To provide with rich and meaningful educational experiences to them in order to make their education complete and meaningful.
4.      To develop skill needed in the exercise of democratic leadership and programme development to help them get self-employed.
5.      To give them the opportunities for their personality development.
Unit Level Organisation:
There are two units of NSS in GCEK under the charge of two programme officers. Student members are admitted into any one unit, so that each and every student gets a chance to work under the NSS.
The NSS of this College involves active participation of the principal, college advisory committee, the teachers, students, governmental /non-governmental departments or agencies, local institutes and other beneficiaries.
Obligation of an NSS volunteer:
Every NSS volunteer is expected to engage himself in NSS activities for 240 hours inclusive of a special camp for 10 days duration during a period of 2 academic years. All NSS volunteers will be provided with a work diary to record their details of work done. All outgoing volunteers are issued an NSS certificate by the state cell. The NSS unit of this college present an award to the best outgoing student volunteer every year.
Benefits of Joining NSS:
1. The NSS offers a wonderful opportunity to use a part of spare time to empathise and help the poor and the under privileged fellow countrymen living in slums and villages.
2. It provides the volunteers with an opportunity to train themselves as the future leaders and decision makers of the country.
3. It provides training to equip the volunteers with the minimum necessary skills to carryout programmes.
4. It provides with opportunities to take part in inter-collegiate / inter-university / inter-state camps and exchange ideas with students from other colleges / universities / states.
Activities: The NSS indulges in a wide range of activities, which includes the regular activities and the special camping programme.
Regular activities:
1.      Blood detection camps, blood donation etc.
2.      Campus cleaning.
3.      Celebration of important days.
4.      Orientation camps.
5.      Participation of students in various seminars conducted all over the state.
6.      Various cultural activities aiming at personality development of students.
7.      Rising of funds for various altruistic activities.
Special camping programme:
Special camps of 10 days duration form an integral part of the NSS activities. The camps are conducted every year in villages or slums. By its altruistic activities the NSS unit volunteers have reached out to the backward masses. The volunteers work in these regions for hygiene education, antiplastic campaign and to eradicate illiteracy. The camps are also aimed at the development of durable community assets like roads, canals, sanitation and other similar projects.

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Officer’s Name:
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